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We don't just make websites, we help you solve problems.
Everything from a website for your small business to massive applications serving thousands of concurrent users, we can help make your dream a reality.

We start by working closely with you to create a strategy to accomplish what you want. Then we use an iterative process to develop your application and adapt it as you desire. Finally, we can help you market your application and support it as your business grows.

Custom CMS

We can create entire backend systems that allow you to manage every part of your website, from E-Commerce to client lists to simple blogs.

WordPress Websites

Do you need a complex site for your photography business or a simple place to speak your mind? We can help find your perfect solution.

Bespoke Web Applications

From interactive splash pages to complex API-powered applications, we'll build web applications that serve all your needs.

Mobile & Responsive Design

All our applications are created with responsive and mobile access in mind. In modern society this is an absolute requirement.

Code Repair

Over time code can break due to upgrades or systems can fail from accidents. We'll fix your code and get you running ASAP.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

We love everything cryptocurrency and will help you incorporate Bitcoin payments, setup provably fair gambling, or anything you require.


We've done a lot of work over the years, small jobs fixing WordPress themes to large jobs requiring security, complexity and speed.
Here's a small sampling covering a range of services we provide.


  • Custom CMS
  • Vendor & user management

One of our longest clients, we've been helping WeddingSteps manage their website since they started. We created a custom backend for them that allows them to dynamically manage their vendors, track brides, process payments and manage each detail of the website.

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  • WordPress Setup, updates & recovery

Another of our long term clients, we've been helping CT Photo Group manage their website for their award winning photography business. We've helped them perform regular maintenance, make theme tweaks and customize plugins to suit their individual needs.

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Digital Video Productions

  • WordPress Setup, theming & maintenance

DVP needed a site that packs a wow to attract brides so we've helped them setup a site to showcase their video specialties. At the same time, we've worked with them with a different approach to develop their business oriented site.

Live Video link Live Business link

Girls' Night Out

  • Bootstrap setup & maintenance
  • Signup management CMS

We helped Girls Night Out setup a Bootstrap website to reach out to attendees and generate as much traffic as possible.

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Danbury Pet Expo

  • Bootstrap setup & maintenance
  • Signup management CMS

Danbury Pet Expo needed a simple site to advertise their events and the vendors attending. We were happy to help them meet their needs.

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Artisan Wedding Films

  • WordPress Setup, theming & maintenance

The cinematic sister site to DVP's site, Artisan Wedding Films needed to showcase their beautiful and unique style of wedding videos.

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Pappadella's Italian Restaurant

  • Built to custom layout design
  • Custom CMS to update menu & reach customers

Pappadella's needed a simple site to list their menu that they could update whenever they needed and contact customers via a mailing list.

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  • Massive code updates
  • Account security redesign

After Mintpal was hacked, they needed to overhaul security measures. We were happy to tackle the task and ensure their users information and funds were secure. We wrote code in several languages across multiple servers to create a secure and safe network. Sadly, they were unable to recover from the bad publicity.


  • Custom CMS to manage huge number of users hashing cryptocurrencies
  • Built an entire cryptocurrency trading platform

Not only did we help update Hashfaster as crypto coins came out, one of our largest tasks was building an entire cryptocurrency trading platform for Hashfaster. We built the system using a MEAN stack with D3 graphs that provided a secure trading environment that scaled to thousands of concurrent users. Unfortunately, due to fluctuations in the value of the crypto market, the lifespan of the platform was very short lived.

Archived site

OTC Crypto

  • Secure cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Required autonomous and anonymous functionality

OTC Crypto was an ambitious project that allowed users to anonymously trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other, bypassing trading markets, perfect for mediating IRC-based trades. We built a system that securely and safely performed all the trades without requiring any third party involvement of any kind. Unfortunately, due to changes in crytpo regulations, the service was forced to close.

Archived site

Bridal Registry Network

  • Secure payment process
  • Custom built to design
  • Custom CMS to manage vendors, users and payments.

The Bridal Registry Network was a short lived service allowing the friends and family of a bridal party to help pay for their wedding vendors, such as photography or videography. We built them a secure system that allowed them to manage all parts of the process.

Archived site

RN Staffing Solutions

  • Site built to design
  • WordPress version coming soon!

RN Staffing Solutions needed a site to advertise their nurses in the NY area. We were happy to help build their site to an existing design. They have recently contacted us about updating their website to a WordPress design that will be coming soon!

Archived site Live Link Coming Soon!

Seals With Clubs Poker

  • Provably Fair Gambling Design
  • Secure cryptocurrency user system

When Seals With Clubs Poker first started they needed help setting up a secure system to audit player deposits and create a provably fair gambling system. We were happy to help them with the unique challenges they faced.

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JC Deen Fitness

  • Spreadsheet for fitness program

JC Deen needed something a little different, a spreadsheet setup that he could send clients as part of his website and fitness regimine. A little outside our normal spectrum, but we were happy to help!

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Just Dice

  • Provably fair gambling & autonomous behavior

When Just-Dice first started, we were happy to help them by consulting on how to implement provably fair gambling and autonomous gambling.

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  • WordPress Website
  • Coin coding improvements
  • Twitter Tip Bot

We were happy to help MyriadCoin with a variety of issues. We built a WordPress site for their platform, in addition to contributing to fundamental coding of the coin. We coded a bot that facilitated tipping the coin via twitter. We even helped setup the coin's ability to use SMS messaging for trades!

Archive Link


  • Fundamental code improvements

When Mooncoin decided to update their code to address several fundamental issues with the underlying bitcoin code, we were happy to help. We helped develop a new algorithm that provided a more fair distribution of the coin to it's miners.


  • Secure IRC Tip Bot

When IRC users needed a new DogeCoin tip bot, we were happy to help them setup a secure method to tip the coin over IRC.


  • Provably Fair Betting

When BetChain needed help customizing their turnkey betting system, we were happy to assist.

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Party Pyro

  • Custom Wordpress site & updates

Party Pyro needed a site to show off their wedding fireworks displays so we helped them setup the theme for their WordPress site.

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Strength Registry

  • HIPAA Compliant Survey

When a doctor needed a way to take patient surveys, we setup a HIPAA compliant survey system. Built on AWS, the Strength Registry allowed anonymous tracking of results, statistical analysis and customized information dumps to speed up review.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

We're passionate about cryptocurrency - we feel it has the possibility to revolutionize the world. We've helped launch coins, modify coins, run mining pools and setup currency e-commerce sites. Regardless of your experience level, if you're interested in using this new technology in your website or web application, contact us to see how we can help you!

Let's build your Bitcoin App

  • Tip/Donation processing
  • E-Commerce sites
  • Trading platforms
  • Gambling sites

About Us

Binary Labyrinth is owned and operated by David Schoenmann. David has been programming since he was a child and using the internet since its inception. He is passionate about learning new technologies such as AI and enjoys solving coding challenges like Project Euler for fun. His personal projects currently include a nascent video game and a website to facilitate Bitcoin gaming.

While most of our work is with small businesses and individuals, for larger projects we have a group of highly skilled and professional consultants who assist on projects. Combined we have over forty years of experience programming for both web and desktop applications.

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